I was lucky to have survived the car accident. Now what? There must be something more meaningful in life than money, job and status. How should I live my life to the fullest?

The book is a collection of my twenty years of research on personal growth, the power of subconscious mind and personality development. My goal was to create the most beautiful illustrated manual about the art of living. The book is a combination of visual art and a collection of knowledge from a wide variety of scientific fields. Through visual art and clear instructions, I want to show you how you can improve the quality of your life. Many beautiful and colorful illustrations will evoke positive emotions as you read along. Take this book as a clear and easy-to-understand road map for managing your own energy and your own life. Keep the e-book on your phone to always carry it with you, because the book should make you feel happier anytime you leaf through it. I hope that together, we can make the world a better place.


My Personal Story

I was born in Slovenia and grew up in a small village 25 kilometers away from the capital city. Up to university, my life was pretty ‘normal’. My parents divorced when I was four and that was the last time I saw my father, even though he moved only a few kilometers away. My mom was left alone to care for my younger brother and me. From an early age, I’ve enjoyed sketching and painting. After secondary school, I started studying landscape architecture, meeting new friends, caring too much about my outlook and making plans for my life.

One Thursday, 11. 1., an easy date to remember, everything changed. That evening, some students were organizing a party in the capital. My friends asked me if I could be the designated driver, but I had a strange feeling that I shouldn’t go to that party. I would’ve preferred to stay behind and spend time with my new boyfriend, but after some phone calls, I told my intuition to shut up and agreed to drive at least half of the way. It was a foggy evening and the last thing I remember were two big headlights rushing towards my car. I woke up in a hospital. Actually, I was in a hospital room for a few minutes and then in a beautiful field, full of flowers. A lady was sitting next to me, reassuring me that everything will be all right. Now I know they had given me morphine to ease the extreme pain. Both my legs were shattered and it took 11 hours and two teams of surgeons to put all the small pieces back together.

Somehow, I survived, but the doctors said there wasn’t much chance that I’d walk again. My family didn’t tell me about their predictions and I always had a special ‘slideshow’ in my mind: watching my own feet while running on a white sandy beach. At the time, I was unaware that I’d created a program in my subconscious mind; I made a visual manifestation by repeating this vision slideshow. And the manifestation really worked. Now, I’ve been living in a tropical paradise for six months and take long walks by the ocean. But the rehabilitation was slow, painful and took over two years.


After the accident, I studied all kinds of books about spirituality, positive thinking, personal growth, meditation and nutrition. I wanted to learn how I could create my dream life. My favorite book was ‘The Textbook of Life’ by Martin Kojc. I also started with yoga lessons and daily meditations. I learned how fragile life is and I finally stopped whining about ridiculous things, like the scars on my skin or a bad haircut. I wanted to experience new things, visit new places. I moved to Florence to study interior design and attended a private painting course tutored by famous Slovenian painter Jože Ciuha. I have discovered that painting is my true passion and today, I am very grateful that my paintings inspire and bring joy to many art lovers all around the world. My artwork has also been selected and won many worldwide art competitions.


Nowadays, I always listen to my inner voice. I am grateful to have a husband who shares the same values as me. We’ve travelled and lived all over the world, met so many inspiring people and learned something new everywhere we’ve gone. As a result of all this knowledge, we’re living a happy life in a great relationship and enjoy every present moment.

Art gives meaning to my life, so the creations on my canvas reflect what I see around me. But it was not always like this. I also needed to develop the skills for passionate living. Now, I often hear the sentence: “Oh, I wish I could live like you.” Of course, people who say this don’t really want the car crash part of my life, but only the “good” part. So, I wrote this book because I am sure anyone can organize their life in a similar way to my husband and me. We live in abundance without spending millions, we have freedom and we are together 24 hours a day, share the same values and create new things. People say that we truly shine together.


In this book, I wanted to clearly illustrate how to improve your life on all levels and how to shine from within. The book is a collection of my twenty years of research on personal growth, nutrition and personality development. I am fascinated by the fact that contemporary science and spirituality are no longer separate topics. Quantum physic has shown that we are not just a physical body, but that everything in the universe, including us, is made up of energy. Parallel developments in neuropsychology and epigenetics have shown how our thoughts and subconscious beliefs impact the flow of our life, health and the overall energy state of our body.

So, I’ve decided to put together the most beautiful illustrated guide for an awesome life, a collection of knowledge gathered over more than 20 years. Since only pure, long text can be quite unattractive, I’ve painted many illustrations to evoke positive emotions as you read along. I wanted to design a book that will switch on your inner light any time you leaf through it. I want to teach you how you can become the director of your own movie. You will learn and see how your thoughts, feelings and attitude are like a mirror reflected back to you.


What is in the book


New knowledge brings new perspectives and gives new meanings to life, like a bottle of wine is much more enjoyable if you know something about it. The knowledge in this book is based on well-established Ayurveda theory, the teachings of Taoism, the latest findings in new sciences such as quantum physics, epigenetics and our research of the so-called Drive Response Theory.

This book has three parts and is based on three actions: breathe, create and connect. These three actions are driven by the three basic instincts that enable our survival: the self-preservation instinct, the sexual instinct and the social instinct. This concept of three actions is easy to remember: with the BREATHE action, you take care of your body and mind; with the CREATE action, you give sense to your life and with the CONNECT action, you live in harmony with people and the environment.

The first part, BREATHE, is focused on the self-preservation instinct. In this part, you will learn about harmony between the body and mind and what is causing imbalances within your body. We are a combination of physical matter and energy, so our thoughts are also energy that drives feelings and directly impacts our body functions and consequently our health. You will find out why everything is energy, how to raise the energy flow in your body and how powerful your heart is.

The second part, CREATE, is driven by the sexual instinct. In this part, you will find out more about life purpose and goals. The manifestation technique will provide you with guidelines that will help you reach your goal quicker. Besides consciousness, your subconscious beliefs are also driving you from the back of your mind and only when both minds are totally aligned towards the same goal does anything become possible. The book also briefly summarizes a different view on life as described by Vadim Zeland in his Reality Transurfing Theory; for example, you will learn how pendulums are distracting you from reaching your goal.

In the last part, CONNECT, you will learn how to connect with people and the environment. This part is focused on the social instinct. The social instinct is the drive to get along with other people and form good social relationships and bonds. Your relationship with your family, friends and your social interactions in general play an important part in your well-being. Harmony is when everyone gets along; I discuss this topic when presenting our research on the so-called Drive Response Theory, which explains how nine “Enneagram” types are formed out of the three basic instincts and the three responses.


When all these three, BREATHE, CREATE and CONNECT, are in a harmonious flow, you begin to shine. You begin to live your life with passion. You become healthier, full of energy, your passion starts to drive you, you find purpose in sharing and contributing to the world and all that is going to make you happy.

With this book, I’m trying to pass on a collection of knowledge from a wide variety of scientific fields. By creating vivid illustrations that help memorize the contents, my goal was to deliver the collection of knowledge in the most understandable way possible.

Now, let’s first find out why everything is energy.